Liberty Teller Kiosks Can Be Used Whether You Already Have a Bitcoin Wallet or Not

If you have existing bitcoin wallet:
If you already have a bitcoin mobile or digital wallet, you can head straight to a Liberty Teller kiosk to add funds.
If you want to transfer your paper wallet to a digital wallet, click here for instructions.

If you do not have an existing bitcoin wallet:
We offer two solutions for new bitcoiners:
1) Press the white button on our dispenser to get your own secure paper wallet.
2) Setup an online wallet. Please see the tutorial below to setup your new bitcoin wallet.


How to Setup a New Web Wallet

Blockchain.info is one of the oldest and most trusted online wallets. It is one of three online wallets recommended by the Bitcoin Foundation and the one recommended by Liberty Teller. To set up a blockchain.info wallet, follow these easy 7 steps:

1) Visit http://blockchain.info
2) Sign up for new account: Click the link for Wallet at the top of the screen and then Start a New Wallet

3) Enter login credentials: Enter your e-mail and password. DO NOT forget your password.

4) Write-down fail safe mnemonic: This mnemonic allows you to recover your account in the event you forget your password. Bitcoin is extremely secure as long as you protect your password. Unlike other websites, your password is not stored on the server. If you forget your password and do not recall this mnemonic, you will never be able to access your funds!

5) Log-in to your account: Enter your password and click the “Open Wallet” button.

6) Save your public bitcoin address: Your bitcoin public address will be displayed as a QR code. You can either load the blockchain.info website from your mobile phone or take a photo of the QR code for easy access.

7) Add funds: Visit any Liberty Teller kiosk to add funds. You only need the QR code (public address) from step 6 to add funds to your account. Click here for instructions on transferring funds from your Liberty Teller Starter Paper Wallet or Giveaway Wallet.
Note: We strongly recommend setting up two-factor authentication (2FA). This sends a code to your phone each time you log in for an added layer of security (in addition to your main password). Set this up by going to Wallet Home –> Account Settings –> Security –> Two-Factor Authentication.


How to Transfer Bitcoin on a Paper Wallet to a Digital Wallet

1) Go to Import / Export: Once you are logged into your blockchain.info web wallet, click the “Import / Export” link, then the “I Understand” button.

2) Login: Enter your password.
3) Transfer: Click the mini QR code icon at the right of the text field, remove the tamper-proof hologram, and scan your private key QR code with your webcam (Note: You may need to click “Allow website to use webcam” in your browser).


Additional Information About Digital Wallets

For more about the difference between desktop, mobile and online wallets, the Bitcoin Foundation provides a great overview here. We recommend at least setting up a mobile wallet.

A comprehensive listing of bitcoin wallets available can be found below:
Desktop Wallets
Armory, Bitcoin-QT. Electrum. Multibit

Mobile Wallets
iOS: BitWallet is a receive-only wallet. Blockchain.info can also be accessed via a web browser. Sign the petition to get send/receive wallet apps reinstated!
Android: Bitcoin Wallet, Blockchain.info, Mycelium

Online Wallets
Blockchain.info, Coinbase


How to Spend Bitcoin Online

If you have an online wallet:
1) Login to your wallet.
2) Click the “Send Money” button.
3) Enter the address (32 characters) and amount (either BTC or USD) you wish to send. This should be given by your merchant on the checkout page.
4) Click the Send Payment button and complete your checkout.

If you have a mobile wallet:
1) Open your mobile wallet application.
2) Click the “Send” button.
3) Click the “Scan QR code” button and focus the camera until the address is recognized and populated.
4) Enter/confirm the payment amount and complete your checkout.


Example: Spend Bitcoin at Overstock.com (Online E-Commerce)

1) Go to Overstock.com: Select from hundreds of thousands of products. Click “Add to Cart” button for each item, then the “Checkout Now” button when you are ready.

2) Check Out: Create account, sign in, or Check out as a Guest
3) Enter Purchase Information: Enter your address information, check the bitcoin payment radio button, then hit submit order now.


4) Enter bitcoin payment details: Enter the address and bitcoin amount: you can copy/paste these into your bitcoin wallet send page (in the next step). Note: you may ignore “(plus miner fee)”, as blockchain.info will automatically add this. The default miner fee is .0001 BTC, or $0.01 in this transaction, vs. what would have been a $3-5 fee for AmEx or Visa. Overstock is beginning a program that passes some of these savings along to customers that use bitcoin. Reducing transaction costs is a key benefit of bitcoin.


5) Verify the bitcoin address and amount: Paste the address and BTC amount (not the $ amount), then hit send payment.

6) Confirm Payment: Click the confirm payment button.


All Done! Send a thank-you tweet to @Overstock to thank them for helping us all escape the slow and expensive legacy payments systems!

Note: if you want, you can wait for your transaction to be confirmed (but that is not necessary). Transacting in bitcoin is getting easier by the day (you are a pioneer on the ground floor of a revolutionary technology!), but for now you may get an unnecessary warning screen. So this does not surprise you, this section shows what this warning screen might look like. After clicking “confirm payment”, you will see a progress bar:image04
Bitcoin transaction confirmation times average 10 minutes, but sometimes they take longer than the Overstock.com progress bar. In that case, you may get this message…

image03…but no worries! you do not need to do anything, and in a few minutes you will get a confirmation email like the one below.

If you then go back to the Overstock.com warning page and click try again, then confirm payment, then you will get the following message:


If you are curious to watch this transaction on the blockchain (the public ledger which contains all bitcoin transactions), paste the receiving address you sent the bitcoin to (step 6) into the search bar at blockchain.info. Note: All of the bitcoin in the sending address are transferred from the sending address, and the excess bitcoin (above and beyond what was paid for) are sent back to your digital wallet as change. This is like taking a $20 bill out of your pocket and getting a dollar of change back (or in this scenario a $139.69 bill and getting back the remainder in change).


Example: Veggie Galaxy (Brick & Mortar Business)

Note: this tutorial was completed using the blockchain iPhone app. Apple recently removed this app, causing outrage in the tech community; sign the petition here to help get it reinstated. This tutorial should be very similar to the Android blockchain apps and other pre-existing iPhone bitcoin wallet apps.

1) Open: Open the blockchain app, select the send menu item, and hit the Scan From QR button.

2) Scan and Send: Scan the QR code at the register (typically on a cashier’s phone or iPad). This will import the bill amount and the store’s address. Then hit Send Payment.

All done! The app will say sending transaction (as shown below), the vendor’s bitcoin merchant app will acknowledge the receipt of the bitcoin, and you will get a normal receipt as if you paid with cash or credit card.


Accept Bitcoin As a Brick & Mortar Merchant

1) Setup: https://bitpay.com/, click accept bitcoin, and go through the easy steps

2) Adjust: Once account is created, login, and on the dashboard click My Account:

Click settlement, enter your bank information on the right, and click 100% USD on the left

Click approved sales volume, and request approval to sell more than $100/day worth in bitcoin per day

3) Use: Once approved, click My Account again, then click Customizeable Mobile App. You will get a link like this: https://bitpay.com/m/123456/checkout (not a live link). Bookmark your link on any phone or tablet (iPhone or Android) and use that as a checkout device.

Click the link, then follow the steps below: